• Feril


    100% spontaneous fermented beer aged in oak barrels using Belgian Lambic techniques that includes the use of local raw hard red wheat and pilsner malt.

  • Relevance


    A Belgian style Saison aged in oak barrels with a secondary fermentation exposed to an assortment of Brettanomyces cultures.

  • Roja


    An American farmhouse version of a Flanders Red aged in oak with an assortment of complex malts intertwined with spontaneous fermentation and carefully selected house cultures.

  • Temperance


    A table farmhouse style Saison aged in oak barrels leaving a slight acidity and complexity regardless of the low ABV.

  • Major Progression

    Major Progression

    A bold Belgian Saison aged in secondary on an assortment of house cultures that adds to the complexity of a beer that’s well over 10 % ABV.

  • 80 CL

    80 CL

    Hop forward ale with the majority of the hop expression coming from aromatics. A simple malt bill & neutral yeast strain, along with the water chemistry & seasonally available hops, showcases the assortment of layering of hops.

  • SP 79

    SP 79

    A hop forward ale that focuses on the expression of seasonable hops and the complexity of malts. Finding a balance between malt and hops would be the best way to describe this beer.

  • Blanco


    A forward pale ale that utilizes fresh hops with a simple pale malt canvas