Hawkins Red Wheat in front of Gray outline of Texas
Rooted in Texas

Our Story

A painting of Grandfather Hawkins fishing in river
Painting of Grandfather Hawkins

Our official story began decades ago in Texas with Phillip's Grandfather Hawkins. Our artisanal brewery journey began roughly 6 years ago with the simple idea of connecting beer with agriculture.

We spent years exploring areas in the Texas Hill Country, the California Central Coast, and in Southern Oregon. Serendipity prevailed when we found an old hog farm surrounded by acres of wheat, cotton and corn in the city of Lockhart, Texas. Hawkins Farmhouse Ales was born.

The road has been long and arduous but ultimately guided with the idea and vision of connecting beer with the soil and naming it in honor of Grandfather Hawkins legacy. He was a musician, an artist, a builder, an entrepreneur, a Minister, and more. Grandfather Hawkins was the glue of Phillip's family and more Texan than anyone that he ever knew. 

"Our story" is still being written as our journey and homage for what's ahead of us as Hawkins Farmhouse Ales!


~ Phillip & Monica